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Support/Technology Staff


District Clerk/Superintendent's Secretary
  • Tammy Cavanaugh
  Guidance Secretary and Registrar
  • Barbara Palermo
Principal's Secretary & Student Account Officer
  • Milena White
  Front Desk
  • Maria Banados
Purchasing Agent
  • Michelle Reyes
  District Treasurer
  • Simone Sooklall
Senior Clerk-Business Office
  • Jennifir Cunningham
  Account Clerk
  • Sylvia Fridie
  • Brian Wisnowski
  • Manuel Torres
  Cafeteria Manager/Personnel
  • Dan Pacella
  • Faye Gholson

Maintenance/Custodial Personnel

  • John Daniels
  • Joey Jenkins
  • Juana Lazaro
  • Elena Morales
  • Angela Peralta Flores
  • Dorothy White
  • Ainsley Wyche

PPS/ENL Secretary

  • Jessica Treco




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