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Culinary Club Creations!

Culinary Club Creations photo
Sixth-eighth grade students enjoyed their first delicious after-school snack when they made “apple nachos” - apple slices topped with peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate chips and crunchy granola.

Along with Family and Consumer Science teacher and advisor to the club, Mrs. Jenna Pluta, the students have a fun environment to socialize, be creative, learn cooking skills and the importance of good nutrition. Mrs. Pluta has more healthy options planned for the club participants including apple cheddar paninis, veggie omelettes and avocado toast.

A Map Quest

A Map Quest photo
Fifth-graders are learning spatial skills as they examine the parts and purposes of maps. They’ve been discussing how maps can assist people within communities and began by exploring the Bridgehampton school community. By sketching and using sticky notes, they are learning the language of location and expanding their geography skills. They also created maps to help new students navigate the school and included a compass rose, legend and scale. Teacher Meredith McArdle hopes to have these drawings saved to compare to maps of the new school additions in the future.

A Unique Way to Connect Families

A Unique Way to Connect Families photo
A Unique Way to Connect Families photo 2
Bridgehampton welcomed parents and guardians to Back to School Night with a unique and fun project. Students created puzzles that reflected their special interests and qualities, and once they were pieced together by their parent, a smiling photo appeared along with a list of their core subjects and lessons to date. Part of the project was to let families know how the importance of their role affects the success of their child in the classroom.

Team Effort Shines!

Team Effort Shines photo
Team effort was certainly the name of the game when the Southampton/Pierson/Bridgehampton football team reclaimed the coveted Mayor’s Cup against Hampton Bays this past Friday. Best of luck on a continued great season!

Mathematics Program at Stony Brook


The Results Are In. It’s a YES!

Thank you
Dear Bridgehampton Community Residents, 

Last evening, our Bridgehampton community came together to vote to borrow an additional $4.7 million to bring our capital project bond referendum to fruition. The positive response is testament to the value that is placed on the mission of the Bridgehampton School and having additional academic space and tools in place for our students to thrive, grow and actively participate in the global community. 

Our next steps will be to put the work out to bid immediately and potentially begin work on the various projects in November since our permit and building plans are already in place. 

As you know, the proposed additions and renovations will address the infrastructural, educational and health and safety needs of the students of our school district. The school will get a new regulation-size gym, community fitness center, locker rooms, and cafeteria, as well as new science, technology, English, math, and music rooms. The current gym will be reconfigured as an auditorium and part of a new school library. Additional safety measures include moving our prekindergarten students out of the modular classrooms and into the main building.

We will keep you informed of our progress and the timeline of each phase.

Thank you for supporting the educational needs of our students and the integrity of the Bridgehampton Union Free School District.

Robert Hauser 
Superintendent of Schools


Captivating Curiosity in Second-Graders

Captivating Curiosity in Second-Graders photo
Second-graders are learning that scientific discovery is an essential part of their education and with this week’s lesson, their curiosity was fully engaged.

Using the steps of the scientific method, the students conducted an experiment with Coca Cola and Mentos candies. They first learned what soda consists of and that the fizz that bubbles up is called carbon dioxide. They then dropped the Mentos into the bottle of soda and observed the fun reaction of a whooshing geyser spray!

STEM Skills in Action!

STEM Skills in Action photo
Second-graders started the school year with a fun and engaging team-building project – constructing spaghetti and marshmallow towers! The young engineers collaborated on the challenge to build the tallest tower, an activity that supported basic engineering principles and encouraged practicing the design process.

Community Literary Collaboration

Community Literary Collaboration photo
Bridgehampton High School students in Tom House’s English classes had a unique educational opportunity when they toured the Watermill Center and wrote original poetry inspired by the Center’s comprehensive collection of artworks.

Their creative works are now a part of an electronic book called “Ekphrastic Poems,” published on the district website and the Watermill Center website. A limited number of printed copies will be available for purchase, with proceeds to benefit the new Bridgehampton Literary Arts Club. The club will help facilitate student participation in the nationally acclaimed Poetry Out Loud program and is embarking on the ambitious endeavor of collecting student work in literary magazines, of which “Ekphrastic Poems” is a preview.


You’ve Got a Friend in Bridgehampton!

You’ve Got a Friend in Bridgehampton photo
Back to school means back to books and students started the academic year off by reading the popular Kevin Henkes’ story “Chrysanthemum.” With simple lessons about self-esteem, acceptance and respecting other people’s differences, they worked together to make a plan on how to be a good friend.

Senior Named Borlaug Scholar

Senior Named Borlaug Scholar photo
Congratulations to Bridgehampton High School senior James Fairchild who has been named a Borlaug Scholar by Cornell University for his efforts in addressing food insecurity in Liberia. One of only six students chosen from New York State, James will attend the Global Youth Institute in Iowa, sponsored by the World Food Prize Foundation, to defend his research in front of a panel of international experts. Read more about his accomplishments here.

Bridgehampton Counseling Introduction Letter


Important Message From The Southampton Chief Of Police


The 2018-2019 School Year Begins

first day photo

The Family Is Back Together

First Day Of First Grade Sing Along

Click here to watch the video

Farm To Table

Farm to Table Photo
Farm to Table Photo 2
Farm to Table Photo 3
Farm to Table Photo 4
Farm to Table Photo 5
Working Hard For Our Garden
Thank You Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Fayyaz, and Mrs. Garcia

6th Grade Orientation

6th Grade Orientation photo
Thank you to all the parents and students who attended.
Everyone was able to open their locker.
Looking forward to Middle School!!!

Killer Bee Baseball Camp


Professional Development

Professional Development photo
Thank You To The Bridgehampton Family,
Two Great Days Of Professional Development!!!
Looking Forward To A Great 2018-2019 School Year

Marimba Music

Marimba Music photo
The Marimba group got together every Thursday night to play some great music and eat some tasty food. Up to 10 students met in the music room to learn some new music and play through some old favorites. The marimba group is looking forward to another busy schedule in the 2018-2019 school year.

NBA Champion Shaquille O' Neal and Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon visit Bridgehampton

Shaq 1
NBA Champion Shaquille O' Neal and Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon visit Bridgehampton to interact with our great families in order to promote the "Killer Bee" movie. Thank you to all of the families in attendance, it was another Bridgehampton special night.


Advocating for Bridgehampton

Advocating for Bridgehampton photo
Mr. Hauser along with colleagues meeting with the Commissioner of Education MaryEllen Elia. Advocating for Bridgehampton and public education.

Non-Resident Student Enrollment


This link provides an overview of the district’s non-resident student enrollment program, including tuition rates and applications. 

Click here for more information

Parent Guide to Common Core


This is a series of materials, websites and guides aimed at helping parents navigate the Common Core Standards.

Click here for more information

Community Library


Information on library hours, contents, computer system features, the inter-library loan system and how to obtain a library card.

Click here for more information