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The Real Olympics Is In Bridgehampton NY

Thank You Mr. Meyers (PE Teacher Of The Year Winner) For Setting This Up

3 Stations- With The Olympic Theme Song

1. Luge

2. Curling

3. Bobsled

Viewing A Presentation

Viewing A Presentation photo

Pre K Through Second Grade Viewing A Presentation On " You're In Charge Of Your Body"

Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud Pic
Poetry Out Loud Pic 2
Congratulations to senior Jade Maldonado and sophomore Julian Cheng who represented Bridgehampton School at the Poetry Out Loud regionals competition at Stony Brook University for the second consecutive year on February 12. Each student memorized and beautifully performed poems from the official POL anthology. They were accompanied by English teachers Mr. House and Ms. Wright and fellow high school students who took the ride up island to cheer on their classmates. And on the way, there was a good-luck photo op before a banner posted outside Hampton Library. Thanks to all for your support and encouragement. We look forward to growing our local program and competing in next year's competitions. All eyes are on the prizes: $35,000 in cash and almost certain college scholarships awarded to the national winners each April in DC. Want to step up and take the challenge in 2019? Speak with Mr. House and visit

Thank You PTO And Mr. DeGroot For Skate Night

It Was A True Family Experience

Congratulations Cheerleaders!

Congratulations Cheerleaders photo
Congratulations To Our Senior Cheerleaders On A Great Career. Thank you students and parents for all of your hard work. 

Thank you Dr. Favre!

Thank you Dr. Favre photo

We Are Thankful For Everything You Have Done

Cheer Competition At Connetquot High School

cheer photo

Thank You Cheerleaders For Taking Bridgehampton To The Next Level
We Will Miss Our Seniors Jade Maldonado, Elena Giosi, Patricia Figueroa, and Autumn Street

Third-Fifth Grade Elementary Yoga

Third-Fifth Grade Elementary Yoga photo

Thank You Ms. Evans

Bridgehampton Middle School East End Growth Careers Day

Wednesday- March 14th-8AM-Noon
Bridgehampton Gymnasium

East End Growth Careers - Students will meet business reps from the following industries: Agriculture, Architecture/Engineering, Communications/Media, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Oceanography. It promises to be an engaging, hands-on event. Students are never too young to learn about careers-especially when they are in their own backyard!!!

Please view the attached documents if you are interested in presenting or attending.



Congratulations photo
Congratulations: (Bottom Left To Right) Jeremiah Deshon, Savanna Lillie, Chenoa Urgiles,
Santiago Posada, Kathleen Vinksi, Davante Miller
(Back Left To Right) Makayla Pinckney, Jamiya Hopson, Luis Penafiel, Sarah Kapon, Huidobro,
Marlin Padilla, and Avery McCleland
Thank You Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Ozsu, and Mr. Hand

Cheer Competition At King's Park

Cheer Competition
Another Great Showing By Our Team- Congratulations Ladies And Keep Up The Good Work

Kindergarten Students Reading To Their Classmates

Kindergarten Students Reading To Their Classmates photo

Arianna Teaching The Kindergarten Class

Teacher for a Day Photo

Great Job!

Carbon Claudio

Carbon Caludio photo

Carbon Claudio From Mad Science Visited Bridgehampton Today And Showed Us How Fun Science Can Be!!!

Nutrition and Culinary Class

Nutrition and Culinary Class photo

Learning Different Ways To Prepare Eggs! & Early Childhood Education Class Practicing Their Art Lessons That They Prepared With Our Preschoolers!

Southampton Opioid Addiction Task Force

The Southampton Opioid Addiction Task Force offers this treatment referral list below.


Thank You PTO For The Movie Night For Our Students

Thank You PTO For The Movie Night For Our Students photo

Thank You To All The Student, Parent, And Teacher Volunteers

Musical Performances

marimba photo
marimba photo2
marimba photo3
Congratulations to our Marimba Group for their performance at the Arts Festival that took place at Guild Hall in East Hampton last weekend. 13 of our students performed for the opening of this annual event showcasing the Arts, Artists and Performers from the East End.

Congratulations to Luna Paucar and Scott Vinski for their performance in the Hampton Music Educators Assoc. Middle School Concert Band. They joined over 100 other selected students for their performance that took place at Riverhead HS. We look forward to the release of the CD and DVD of the performance.

Congratulations to Ayanna El, Kristopher Vinski and Chase Gudelauski for their performance in the Hampton Music Educators Assoc. Middle School World Drumming and Marimba Ensemble. They joined over 45 other selected students for their performance that took place at Riverhead HS. We look forward to the release of the CD and DVD of the performance.

Sampling Fruits

Sampling Fruits photo

First Grade Sampling Different Fruits (Kiwi & Tangelo) In Health & Wellness Today.

Thank You To the Parents For Attending BINGO Night!

bingo photo
bingo photo 2
bingo photo 3
We Appreciate the Support And Connections That Are Continually Made For Our District.

Thank You Mrs. Merkert, Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Poole, Mrs. Ozsu, and Mrs. McArdle For Putting This Together

Physical Education Teacher Of The Year

zone photo

Congratulations Steve Meyers On Winning The Suffolk Zone Middle School PhysicalEducation Teacher Of The Year Award!
Our Stakeholders Are Extremely Lucky To Have An Educator Like You!!!

Advanced Nutrition and Culinary Preparing Food

food photo

Winter Brain Freeze Challenge Award Recipients

brain freeze photo
brain freeze photo 2
Congratulations: They Won A Pizza Party --

Thank you Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Ozsu, and Mr. Hand

Congratulations To The PBIS Student Of The Month Award Winners

Month Award Winners Pic
Congratulations:(From Left To Right) Kaitlin Miranda-Marques Thomas-Shelia Huidobro-Pearl Cherry-N-Brown-Tyler Fitzgerald- Jimena Gutierrez- Erick Alvarez- Edgar Huacon-Axel Cruz-Asucena Ramos

Thank You Mrs. Ozsu, Mrs. Udave, Coach Johnson, and Mrs. Reilly

Sustainable Fish Sticks

Sustainable Fish Sticks photo
Sustainable Fish Sticks photo 2
Sustainable Fish Sticks photo 3

Captain Peter Haskell Provided The Bridgehampton Students A Tasting Of His Sustainable Fish Sticks During Lunch This Week


Winter Stories

Winter Stories photo

Early Childhood Education class visited the preschoolers and read "winter" and "snow" themed stories to them. They have been preparing their lessons for a few weeks now and practicing their story time skills. Thank You Mrs. Pluta and Students.

Non-Resident Student Enrollment


This link provides an overview of the district’s non-resident student enrollment program, including tuition rates and applications. 

Click here for more information

Parent Guide to Common Core


This is a series of materials, websites and guides aimed at helping parents navigate the Common Core Standards.

Click here for more information

Community Library


Information on library hours, contents, computer system features, the inter-library loan system and how to obtain a library card.

Click here for more information